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Indigo Aqua Top

I’ve decided to go back to a project that I started last year, with yarn I got in Colorado.  Three years ago we were lucky enough to be able to spend a year there, before our son started preschool.  I had given up my job in bacterial molecular/genetic research to stay at home when he was born,… (read more)


Yesterday was a totally knit free day, if you don’t count pattern browsing on Ravelry.  For anyone who knits, crochets, spins or weaves who hasn’t been to Ravelry, go right now (after reading my blog of course).  Sign up for free and check it out.  It’s easy to find, You start when you buy… (read more)


Well, here is my version of Wingspan/Angry Dragon.  The knitting is done, but the finishing is not.  Ends need to be woven in, and it needs to be blocked.  I had to finish the last triangle with yarn from my stash.  It is a good color (the pinkish gray at the end) but it is… (read more)


Well, I am getting closer to the end of the Angry Dragon shawl, and closer to the ‘end of the project’ angst that usually kicks in.  A day or so ago I was getting worried that I wouldn’t have enough beads to finish.  Now I am confident that there will be enough.  But what about… (read more)

What’s next?

Angry Dragon shawl is coming along.  I am knitting with a gray color right now, with silver metallic thread and sparkly gray beads.  I have only 4 colors left!  I think that should finish this triangle, make one more triangle, and do the neck finishing.  I had gotten worried that I might run out of… (read more)

Beading hook

Just a note today about the joy of having the right tools.  When I started my Angry Dragon shawl I had two crochet hooks that I was using for beading.  I had my size 12 steel hook that I’ve used for beading before, and I had my little size 14 clip on hook that I got… (read more)


I get totally obsessed with some projects.  I just have to see how the pattern develops, how the beads look, what the next color looks like next to the last color and the next color.  It is a good thing for the knitting; I actually stick with these projects and they get done pretty quickly. … (read more)

Pizza and playgrounds

Last night we went out for pizza.  We don’t do this very often anymore.  Dennis has the beginnings of arthritis in his hands and his feet, and we generally avoid wheat, tomatoes, cheese, and beer.  They are all things that can trigger inflammation; we tend to eat anti-inflammatory and alkaline as much as possible.  But every now and then, a… (read more)

Knitter’s manicure

Angry Dragon — I am still happy with this project.  It is not a really fast knit for me, but I am getting quicker with the pattern.  I’ve finished the second triangle, and am in the middle of the beaded row between triangles.  I’m realizing that each yarn is a little different; the one I… (read more)

More bling, please

Who knew that pre-beaded, sometimes glitzy yarn would want to have even more beads added to it?  It’s true.  I went back to a pattern I had already started once, Angry Dragon by Maylin, and started it again, this time adding beads.  The first time I didn’t think I would add beads because the yarn… (read more)