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Good morning Pittsburgh

Is it still morning here? Just barely, so let’s get going and talk about yarn! For a while I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, and thinking about blog posts before I had a blog, so I have some ideas of what I want to say, but they are not exactly happening in real time (yet). I’d like to go back to the thing that really got me wanting to blog…the 2017 Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. Here are my thoughts I had a few weeks ago:

I got to go to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival yesterday (March 24) and it was fabulous, as usual. Of course now it is also the Creative Arts Festival which includes quilting so it just gets better and better. It is at the David L Lawrence Convention Center downtown Pittsburgh, the same location as last year but it is in a different room and this year the lighting is fantastic — so bright and open and natural light all over the place. One of the vendors mentioned that after she had set up the evening before, the sun came angling through a skylight into her booth, and all the yarns with glitz in them lit up and were sparking like crazy. So much better than last year, which was in a different room and a bit dimmer. Although that was much better than the year before in the hotel downtown with the ballroom lights and only one window off on one side — horrible! I couldn’t see the color of anything. I can’t remember buying much that year. This year, on the other hand…

I will be back soon to talk about the great things I found at the festival, and the purchases I made, and what I’ve started making with them.