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The second thing I bought…


Whew, I’ve walked the whole marketplace floor (at least once) and have checked out every booth (at least once), and this year’s show is great.  So much yarn, so many accessories, a good bit of quilting things, so many nice people, and a great space for it all to happen in.  I am very happy right now.  Usually at these shows I like to buy things with a purpose, that is with a project in mind, or a complete project all at once.  Too many times I buy things that I love with no idea of what to do with them, and then they sit in my stash without ambition to become anything in particular.  I think that is sad, for me and the yarn.  So I try not to do that.  But the second thing I bought at the show was yarn, no project in mind, just because it is beautiful.  And because there is enough, I’m sure, to make a shawl of some sort once I find the perfect pattern…

Anyway, I stopped a couple of times at the Artisanal Yarns booth (I think, more on this later) because some cute bundles of mini-skeins kept catching my eye.  The bundles had 7 different colors of yarn, beaded and some with glitz.  They were banded “Etsy: Beaded yarns” and were hand-beaded, mixed cashmere and silk yarns grouped by similar or complementary colors into a bundle totaling 200 yards.  There were quite a few bundles hanging on the display rack, but as I was looking, the hand-beader herself offered to pull out the box of all her bundles for me to look through.  Since I was there on Friday, the first day of a three day show, all the vendors had lots of backup secret stashes for restocking…bonus!  I ended up picking one bundle from the display and one bundle from the box, so now I have 14 different yarns (I think they all go together) , 400 total yards.  A shawl, right?  Lightweight, for summer, or a light shoulder thing?  I’ll have to search Ravelry for ideas, maybe something by Mindy Ross.  I love her patterns and it might be time to try one.

A note I alluded to above: I am not sure, but I think this vendor was Artisanal Yarns.  The bundles themselves were not labeled that way, the bag was not labeled, and no business card was thrown in.  I elected to have an emailed receipt, but for some reason, it never came through.  I tried to figure out from the booth location and diagram of vendors in the festival catalog who they are, but a lot of people might not bother.  Note to vendors — be sure to brand yourself!  You don’t want people like me not knowing who you are.  We want to come back to you.  Make sure we can find you!

The picture above is my lovely new yarn.  I always like to take pictures when it is sunny and bright, but not only is it not sunny today, it is snowing!  But I think it still looks OK.  Someday I will update with a picture of the finished object, right?