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Getting started…


I can’t help myself. I am jumping into my Glenfiddich Wool swancho project. Of course, I have other projects already started, but the idea of something new is irresistible. The first thing for any project is to get the yarn into balls, or cakes. I love having my own swift and ball wind. It makes going from skein to cake so quick and easy. To think I used to hand wind all my balls, looping my yarn off the back of a chair, always getting knots. Whew, some investments are really worth it.  It’s just that much easier to get going on the good part.  Plus my 5 year old likes to work the winder and make the swift spin around.  Free labor — bonus.

So now I have all my yarn wound up and ready to go. I love this color. It is a sort of gray taupe neutral that is hard to describe. When you put it on brown it looks gray, when you put it on gray it looks brown, when you put it on jeans it looks awesome! From the website, I think it is called ‘dusk’. They have another gray they call silver lining, and I know they had some at the show, but not enough for me. That one looks like a lighter, truer gray, but I am so happy with this color. Maybe I will try silver lining on a future project. As I mentioned in my last post, this color is undyed, natural, the color of the sheep as they walk around. The 5 skeins I have for the swancho match perfectly, which seems amazing to me for an undyed natural product. The other skein, which is lighter weight, is a slightly different color.  Maybe it was spun from a different batch of wool from the same sheep?  I can’t imagine that a gray sheep stays exactly the same color from year to year, so I’m thinking each batch that gets processed comes out a little different.  I think they coordinate well enough to go together, but you can judge for yourself, as the project progresses!