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Wimple re-do

So the first wimple is history.  I pulled it all out and made the yarn into a ball again.  One bonus of prestringing beads, they are all still on the yarn.  (If you add as you go with a crochet hook, they pop off all over the room when you frog.  I know this first hand).  (Frogging is what knitters and crocheters call undoing their work.  It comes from saying that you ‘rip it’ back, which sounds like ‘ribbit’ which sounds like a frog.  Knitters are kind of odd that way).

I decided to just start over completely.  My husband, a non-knitter, was kind of appalled when I told him there were 100 rows of 100 stitches each that I pulled out.  There were actually more stitches, but that is easy math.  He made a motion in the air and said, “you mean you did this 10,000 times, and just pulled it all out??”  It’s true; knitters are kind of odd that way, too.

I decided to make the first two rows of eyelets more like the ones toward the bottom, closer together and off-set instead of lined up.  Then I changed the diamond pattern in the middle to a different diamond pattern I found in one of my knit stitch pattern books.  It was really bugging me how the eyelets in the middle of the diamonds of the initial pattern were kind of random; they didn’t line up the same way one diamond to the next.  There were also some eyelets too close together, and I didn’t like how the stitching looked in those places.  The rest of the wimple is the same as the original, except I found the right bind-off and did that instead.  There were several hits when I Googled ‘super stretchy bind off’ and I figured out the one I had used before is called the Russian bind-off.  There are a few variations of how to do it.  I did it with a knit stitch, on the right side of the work, knitting two together through the back loops, and it came out fine.  It looks OK and is much stretchier than the original bind-off.

The planning of the re-do took a whole day of thinking, math, and swatching to make the diamonds finish off nicely.  The knitting took a couple of days, and then blocking.  I am happy with the result.  You can let me know if you think it was worth it!