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New project

Well, since I am done with the swancho and matching wimple, it is time for a new project.  Of course, I should go back and finish one of my already started projects, and I will, I will, but that other yarn from the festival is calling to me, and I’ve been trying to get it going into something.

This yarn is fingering weight (I am guessing), a mix of silk and cashmere, hand beaded, some with metallic thread accents.  I bought 2 bundles of mini-skeins, so I have 14 yarns, 400 yards total.  Or 200 yds and 200 yds, they way they were sold.  But my intention was to put them all together into some kind of shawl thing.  Here’s a description of the colors:

  • brown, gray and black, gold metallic thread, gold lined glass beads
  • winter white, no metallic, pink aurora borealis (AB) beads
  • grey, silver metallic, steel colored glass beads
  • winter white, copper metallic, pale blue beads
  • greenish taupe and plum, no metallic, grey beads
  • ivory, no metallic, gold lined glass beads
  • taupe and grey, gold metallic, red beads
  • grey-blue and spring green, no metallic, dark blue beads
  • grey-blue and spring green, green iridescent metallic, dark blue beads
  • pinkish and greenish taupe, no metallic, light yellow AB beads
  • pinkish and darker greenish taupe, no metallic, light yellow AB beads
  • robin egg blue and sea glass green, no metallic, light blue lined glass beads
  • baby blue, baby pink and light taupe, gold metallic, light yellow AB beads
  • ivory, clear metallic, gold lined glass beads

Some of these colors are very similar, but none are identical.  They can be arranged into something of a gradient, but the colors are mostly distinct enough to produce blocks of color as you knit into fabric.  The exceptions are the two ivories and (I’m guessing) the two grey-blue spring green yarns.  I’ve knit the two ivories next to each other, and they look like one block of color, not two.  I think the blue-grey/spring green yarns will be the same.  The others are distinctive enough that they will look different.

But what pattern to use?  I have tried several, just to start, enough to see that I don’t love them.  The ‘problem’ that I am having is that, unless you knit a rectangle, the blocks of each color are different sizes.  Imagine knitting a triangle from the pointy end to the long flat end.  Easy to do, just increase on each side as you knit the rows, each row ends up having more and more stitches, until you are done.  You can knit a bunch of rows of one color when you have not as many stitches, but eventually you will have rows that are longer, with a lot of stitches.  These mini-skeins are small, so I’m afraid that in a pattern like this on the longer rows I might only be going back and forth a couple of times, and then you won’t really be able to see and appreciate each individual yarn.  I am not crazy about knitting a rectangular scarf with this, would prefer a crescent shaped shawl, so I’m looking at the Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri’Coterie Designs.  This is a crescent shaped shawl made of multiple triangles that build on each other.  My colors would change across the triangles, but I think the usage of the yarn would be better.  The main Wingspan pattern is done in garter stitch, though, and I don’t like that for this yarn.  There is a version called Angry Dragon that is a lace pattern, which I tried, but might try again.  That one is beaded, and I didn’t think I needed to bead this since each yarn is beaded already, but it might look better.  I have spent a few days on this already.  Almost ready to go back to those unfinished things instead…almost.