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More bling, please

Who knew that pre-beaded, sometimes glitzy yarn would want to have even more beads added to it?  It’s true.  I went back to a pattern I had already started once, Angry Dragon by Maylin, and started it again, this time adding beads.  The first time I didn’t think I would add beads because the yarn is already beaded, glitzy, and silk-shimmery, but I didn’t really love it, so I took that out and tried some other things.  Nothing really clicked so I went back and tried again.  Now I am adding beads from my stash where the pattern suggests, along the edges and between the triangles.  I only have one triangle done, but I am excited about it.  I think this is it.  I found the right pattern for this yarn!

The beads I picked are silver lined black glass beads from BeadBiz, picked up at last year’s knit and crochet festival.  I had no plans for them when I got them.  They were just gorgeous and I knew I needed them (needed, wanted, whatever).  I love how things come together; it might take a while but they usually do.  Good plug for having a stash., as if we needed a reason!

Yesterday’s knitting was truly blissful.  I sat outside on the porch and it was neither too hot, too humid, too windy, too anything.  A thunderstorm popped up, but was far enough away that it was gentle at my house and I got to stay out and enjoy it.  And then it cleared up before I had to go stand at the school bus stop, and we all got to go to the playground.  Awesome day!