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Pizza and playgrounds

Last night we went out for pizza.  We don’t do this very often anymore.  Dennis has the beginnings of arthritis in his hands and his feet, and we generally avoid wheat, tomatoes, cheese, and beer.  They are all things that can trigger inflammation; we tend to eat anti-inflammatory and alkaline as much as possible.  But every now and then, a couple or a few times a year, we go out to Vincent’s Pizza Park in Forest Hills and get a Vinnie pie.

Vinnie’s pizza is Pittsburgh famous.  Vincent Chianese opened his first pizza parlor on Ardmore Blvd in 1950, and then worked there every day for the next 50 years.  The pizzas are thick and doughy, topped (heaped) with sauce and cheese.  Toppings are dropped by the handful.  We always get mushroom and there is not like a mushroom here and there but a vast continuous flow of mushrooms spreading out side to side all around.  Now with Evan we leave one half plain, just cheese, and I think they put the same amount of mushrooms on, just all heaped on one half.  It  is something to be experienced.

As we were driving home, the same way we always go, out Ardmore Blvd toward the Parkway, I looked to the right and saw for the first time that there was a playground there.  I would never have noticed before Evan but this is something that catches my eye now.  But somehow, I’ve missed it for five years.  Anyway, we pulled in to check it out and it is an awesome playground!  There is a parking lot!  A building with real flush toilets and sinks with water!  Also, a pavilion with lots of picnic tables and charcoal grills, more tables scattered around and benches for grownups to sit while the kids play.  There is a section with small play equipment for the littlest kids, and then an area with bigger things for bigger kids.  And not just one play structure, but several in each area.  There are regular swings, one accessible, and one like a flat donut that a bunch of kids and sit on together, several slides, a bouncy see-saw thing, monkey bars, diggers in a sandpit, spinners, balance steps to walk on, oh my goodness.  There’s also exercise stations for chin ups, sit ups, step ups, etc.   There are two basketball courts at the front end and a big baseball/soccer field at the other.  There is a hill on one side, and a small creek with trees separating the playground from the boulevard.  And nice kids.  Evan jumped right in a had a great time.  I will definitely be back.  Along with ‘castle’ playground and ‘blue slide’ this will probably be one of our favorites!