Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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What’s next?

Angry Dragon shawl is coming along.  I am knitting with a gray color right now, with silver metallic thread and sparkly gray beads.  I have only 4 colors left!  I think that should finish this triangle, make one more triangle, and do the neck finishing.  I had gotten worried that I might run out of the black beads I am adding, but we’ll see.

As I am knitting this, of course I am thinking of the next project I want to work on.  I have a summer sweater that I started last year.  I could finish that.  I have a charity blanket that I started earlier this year.  I should finish that.  I have a quilt that I started, I’d love to finish that.

I think I’ll go back to the quilt.  I have to use my time wisely, though.  It is almost May, which means it is almost June, which means school is almost done for the year, which means my free time is about to disappear altogether.  Mom season is coming!