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Indigo Aqua Top


I’ve decided to go back to a project that I started last year, with yarn I got in Colorado.  Three years ago we were lucky enough to be able to spend a year there, before our son started preschool.  I had given up my job in bacterial molecular/genetic research to stay at home when he was born, so I “wasn’t working” and my husband has his own company and works primarily from home so he can be anywhere as well.  It was good timing for us to see a different part of the country and spend some time away from Pittsburgh.  Not that I don’t love Pittsburgh, but I also love the Southwest, and had a great time exploring the area around Denver and the foothills of the Rockies.  I guess that’s not exactly the Southwest, but it is beautiful there, and I love getting back any time I can.

A lot of my exploring involved yarn, of course.  There are great yarn shops in almost every little town out there as well as lots of fiber festivals and local ranches and rodeos and farms and farm shows.  Lots of wool and sheep fiber but also alpaca…lots of alpaca.  So much fun, and just different from the local stores in Pennsylvania.  I went to all of it, and have many great ‘yarn memories’ of my time there.

One of the yarns I brought back from Colorado wasn’t made there, but I remember the store I found it in.  It was in a town called Centennial, and Evan and I had gone for a jaunt to find the store.  Most of our jaunts involved finding a yarn store or finding a playground, this time it was my turn.  The yarn I found there is from Maine, Swans Island Natural Colors Collection.  It is 100% organic merino wool, hand dyed with natural indigo, and the color is sky blue.  It reminded me of the color of the sky in Colorado almost every day, so I bought it.  It is fingering weight, and I bought just over 1000 yards.

Last year I decided on a pattern to try with this yarn.  A thousand yards would make a really large shawl, or a not so large sweater, like not a long sleeve cardigan or anything, so I picked a cap sleeved summer top.  I found the pattern on Ravelry, and it is called the Aqua Top by Rosarios 4.  Rosarios 4 is from Portugal, and the pattern is in both Portuguese and English, but it is a little lacking in detail.  I am mostly following the idea of the pattern, and making up the details as I go along.  I have no idea how it will turn out, but I am always the optimist.  It will have a one piece front with a feather and fan lace pattern running up the middle.  I decided to bead that section because I have some gorgeous Japanese beads that match perfectly that I had picked up in a store in Pittsburgh (Crystal Bead Bazaar, Lawrenceville) with my sister.  The back will be split, two pieces joined at the neck, maybe overlapped a little.  Feather and fan cap sleeves and a little ribbed neck edging will finish it.  It will have to be worn over a tank or camisole because of the lace and split back.  I might bead the sleeves and maybe add a beaded button on the back neck at the join.  We’ll see.  So far I have the front done and about half of one of the back sections.  What I have to work on now is good mindless knitting.  Something I could take to a playground if I have to.

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  1. It sounds beautiful. Love the color, love the beads. You’re right, they go together perfectly.


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