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Summer begins

It’s the last day of Kindergarten!  I can’t believe how quickly that year went, and the strides Evan has made.  I think when I was in Kindergarten I learned my colors and how to tie my shoes.  It is not like that any more.  I will have my hands full this summer keeping him engaged… (read more)


When Evan and I were walking through OpenStreetsPgh on Sunday, we finally stopped and did something I’ve been wanting to do.  We stopped and took a picture at the wings. I’ve noticed this a few times as I’ve walked up East Carson Street but for some reason never investigated.  Just on the north side of the… (read more)


OpenStreetsPgh 2017_May was awesome!  All three of us went out right after 9am and rode our bikes along the whole route: over 10th St Bridge, through the Armstrong Tunnels, to Market Square downtown, then back past the tunnels into Uptown, across the Birmingham Bridge into Southside.  There were  tons of volunteers helping at the crossings… (read more)

OpenStreetsPGH 2017

There is a fun thing going on in Pittsburgh today called Open Streets.  Apparently they have done it before, but I have never done it, so I’ll have more details after we go.  But the idea is that for a few hours, from 9am to 1pm, certain streets will be closed to car traffic and… (read more)

Bindings and Labels

All my pieces are cut out for the borders of my Lone Star quilt, both fabric and batting.  I need to do some quilting, some assembly, some more quilting, and then I’ll be ready for binding.  Since I don’t have any curved edges, I don’t need bias-strip binding.  Straight strip binding is easier to cut, a… (read more)

Birdseed and butterflies

Yesterday Evan had a day off from school, so I thought we could go on an adventure and find some birdseed for our feeder.  Dennis recently picked up the old feeder that was still hanging at one of the rental properties and brought it down to our house.  We got a crook to hang it… (read more)


Yahoo!!!  The little stars are done!  And the little star border is pieced.  Next steps: cut and add the larger solid batik border, add batting to the four border pieces, do some of the quilting, stitch the borders to the big star, add backing fabric to the whole thing, do the final quilting, and sew on… (read more)

Crafting versus everything else

I got two little stars pieced yesterday because I had to go out and run some errands in the morning.  Today I have to get a shower and I should go food shopping.  I also should bake something for Evan to take to school for snack time.  So hard when the rest of my life interferes with… (read more)

Back to the Lone Star

Now that I am done with the garden, it is back to the stars. I have 8 small stars left to make for the first border on my lone star quilt.  I’ll have to sew them into border strips with sections of background fabric so they fit perfectly around the big central star, then cut… (read more)