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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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Day of Distraction

So yesterday I started off knitting my Indigo Top.  I had finished one half of the back and already started the second half of the back so I was making good progress.  But while I was knitting, my mind started wandering to other things.  As usual.  I started to think about the yarn I had used in the Angry Dragon shawl and how I might want to use it in the Eternal Optimist instead.  But EO needs more yarn than I used in AD.  Did I have anything in my stash that I could add?  Should I buy something to add in?  What was in  my stash?  It’s right upstairs…I should go look.

So I put my knitting aside and went upstairs to dig through my stash.  And yes I found plenty of saved leftover bits to add in.  All my saved yarn seems to be wool or alpaca, but I think it will be OK mixed in with the silk.  The colors that I found will work extremely well, so I am happy.  I have a whole project (yarn, pattern, enthusiasm) ready to go.  This does not bode well for Indigo Top at all.

So I packed all that yarn up in one place and put it aside, and went downstairs and got back to knitting IT.  But my mind started wandering again.  This time it went to a blanket that I’m crocheting for a charity group, more about this later.  Right now let me just say that I got myself into a mini panic attack wondering how I had left the blanket, what needed to be done, did I leave any notes about what I was doing or needed to do next, and wouldn’t it be great if I could finish this and send it off where it needs to go?  So down goes IT and out comes the crocheted blanket.

It took a little while, but I figured out where I was with it and what I needed to do, and what my plan for finishing had been.  I made some notes, and started doing some of the joining, and then the doorbell rang.  It was the mailman, well, the mail delivery truck that brings packages that don’t fit in the regular mail.  And what I got was the quilt stencil I had ordered to use on the Lonestar quilt I started this past winter.

Oh no.