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Quilt planning


I am working on the first border for my Lone Star quilt.  I have enough diamonds to make little 8 pointed stars, just putting 8 little diamonds together.  I have enough to make 16 of these, which I will space with the background fabric and use as the first border, next to the big star.  The little stars will be just over the edge of the bed and toward the pillow area.  I’m not doing a pillow tuck, I usually just put the pillows on top, so my quilt will end up being square.  I will need about a 10 inch border all around after the star border, then binding fabric which adds about half an inch or less.  I’m debating whether I should make the binding the same as the border fabric or different.  The last thing I’ll need is backing fabric, and I usually use wide flannel when I can find it.  This helps my quilts ‘stick’ to the bed and feels nice up by my face.

I’m planning to quilt the star border by stitching-in-the-ditch around the diamonds of the little stars, and then extending the straight lines from the big star background through the background sections of the border.  The last thing I need to decide is how to quilt the outside border.

There’s still a good bit of work to do; after Evan is out of school, I might have to put this aside until the fall when I’ll have more uninterrupted hours to spend with it.  I might go shopping soon, though, so I have everything I need.