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Moon Garden

Today I am going to plant some flowers outside.  I have a small area that I call a moon garden, but it isn’t really.  I don’t have any white flowers out there, and nothing that opens up at night, but the idea was to have silvery grayish foliage and purple/blue flowers.  I had a row of dusty millers but for some reason this year they didn’t come back.  I thought they were perennials, but I am not a very good gardener so maybe I didn’t do something I was supposed to do.

Right now there are really only 3 plants out there; a spreading dead nettle, a clumping small grass, and something else that I can’t remember what it is.  The space in the back is where the dusty millers were, and the planter box just had more dusty millers because I had extras.  I went to a nursery on Thursday and got 5 new plants for the back row: 3 lavenders and 2 salvias (salvia o tricolor).  I’ve ordered some new planter boxes for the space next to the steps and will plant some perennials in them soon.  I think my dead nettle can be divided so maybe I’ll move some into one of the boxes.  I also ordered some pasque flowers; I couldn’t find any in the nurseries around here but I saw them growing wild in Colorado and fell in love with them.  There is a spot reserved for a blue pasque flower when I finally get one.

The grass grows up pretty well and softens the view of the air conditioner.  I am hoping that the 5 new plants grow to cover up the downspout and piping along the fence.  The planter boxes should fill in the concrete space next to the steps (which need some patching, right?!)  There’s not much I can do to disguise the furnace vents; I for sure can’t block them.  I wonder if I could paint them?  Maybe I could yarn bomb them!