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Harry’s yarn

Evan came home from school yesterday with his Tuesday folder that has all his work from the week since last Tuesday.  In it was a picture he colored with the title “No Roses for Harry”.  Evan said this was a book they read in school.  There was also a bag of yarn in his backpack and Evan said something about ‘it’s from Harry’ and he grabbed it and ran outside.  Well, of course I love yarn so I had to know what the story was about, so I got it on-line from the library and saw it as a video.

Harry is a dog who gets a present from Grandma.  It is a hand knit dog sweater with roses on it.  While he feels warm and snuggly in the sweater, he hates the roses and thinks everyone is laughing at him when he wears it.  So he decides to lose it.  But every time he leaves it somewhere, someone finds it and brings it back.  Until he is outside and he starts to pull on a loose stitch, which starts to unravel a sleeve!  A bird sees the loose yarn and swoops down, grabs the end, and flies away.  As she flies, the whole sweater unravels and she carries all the yarn away.  Harry is thrilled until Grandma comes to visit and everyone is looking for the sweater to show her, and of course they can’t find it.  Harry leads everyone to the park and up to a big tree.  Up in the tree is a bird’s nest made out of the yarn from the sweater!  The bird is happily living in the rose spotted nest, and everyone is amazed that Harry somehow gave his sweater to the bird.  At Christmas, Harry gets another present from Grandma, a new sweater with dog spots instead of roses, which is just perfect.

So, back to my yard.  The teacher gave everyone a baggie full of scrap yarn, which is now scattered all over my little backyard.  It is for the birds to find and build nests with.  Actually, I am thrilled by this, a yard full of yarn, but how am I going to cut the grass?