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Late for everything

Oh, I am late blogging today!  My whole morning started late because I forgot to take my phone to the bus stop. I know, if I were younger I would never forget my phone, but I do.  So I missed the message that the bus driver had mechanical problems, had to get a new bus, but was still coming.  When it was pretty late, we went back to the house, grabbed the phone, and ran back out to the bus stop, because, hey, she was still coming.  But I must have missed her right then because I never saw her and so I had to drive Evan to school.  And of course I had to go to school on a day that I was planning to grab a shower after doing some yard work and had to pretend that I was looking OK to be out in public when I really wasn’t.

So after I got back home, I went right outside to do my yardwork before it got stinking hot because it went from being in the 40s one day to pushing 90 the next.  I weeded the tomato spot and put in my 3 tomato plants.  I watered the tomatoes and the moon garden and the strawberries, which is a trick since my hose has a crack in it and I have to try to grab over the crack but I still get sprayed in the face every time.  Next I weeded around the peach tree.  Then I mowed what passes for grass with my push mower, and the yarn from Harry didn’t get cut up at all, just redistributed around the yard, which I thought was a lot of fun.

The last thing I did was to try to thin out the bamboo.  I have two clumping bamboos at the back of the yard.  They have been there quite a few years now, and I have never thinned them out.  Dennis trimmed them once like they were a box hedge which turns out to be the absolutely wrong thing to do, unless you want them to be that shape, which I don’t.  Apparently, bamboo will never grow back after being cut, so the natural drooping graceful look is gone.  I agree that they were out of control, but I wish they hadn’t been cut that way.  So today I went in with my little saw and tried to cut the culms from the bottom, to make the clump smaller, more open and airy, and natural looking.  Well, there is just so much bamboo in there it is crazy!  I made a good start I think, but will have to finish another day.  There is something back behind one of the bamboos.  It might be a clump of bark, but it might not.  I am not getting any closer right now to investigate.  Saving that for another day.

But, oh, that shower felt great.  And I am finally ready for the day.