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Back to the Lone Star

Now that I am done with the garden, it is back to the stars.

I have 8 small stars left to make for the first border on my lone star quilt.  I’ll have to sew them into border strips with sections of background fabric so they fit perfectly around the big central star, then cut pieces of my new batik fabric for the second border.  The second border will not be pieced, that is it will just be long pieces of the fabric sewn all around the outside of the quilt.  These two borders will make the quilt big enough to go over the sides and bottom edge of my queen size mattress, and extend up to the top edge of the bed.  I’m not including any extra to tuck around the pillows, so when I make the bed the pillows just go on top.  This doesn’t bother me, and is easier and quicker.

The border sections will have to be layered with batting, and then minimally quilted, before attaching them to the square with the big star.  This is opposite of what I’ve done with the big square–it is layered with batting and already fully quilted.  Once the borders with batting are attached, I’ll cover the whole back with backing fabric, and finish the quilting.  This means minimal quilting in the big square, and decorative quilting for the borders.  I’m doing it this way because I want to extend some of the quilting of the big square into the first border, so I need those lines attached to follow them.  And I want the decorative quilting of the second border to flow around the corners in continuous stitching.  After all that is done I just need to add the binding and it will be finished.

I’m not sure how much I will get done before fall though.  There are only 6 more school days (including today) before my schedule changes to full on mom mode for the summer.  I’m sure I’ll do some knitting, crocheting, and quilting over the summer, but probably not any really big or complicated projects.  Just easy, take to the playground projects.