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OpenStreetsPGH 2017

There is a fun thing going on in Pittsburgh today called Open Streets.  Apparently they have done it before, but I have never done it, so I’ll have more details after we go.  But the idea is that for a few hours, from 9am to 1pm, certain streets will be closed to car traffic and OPEN for bike and pedestrian traffic.  There are events planned along the route like exercise classes (Zumba, spinning, yoga, PiYO), massages, kid zones, a kid BMX obstacle course, rock climbing, and a bunch of other stuff.

Today’s Open Streets are from downtown to uptown, across the river to Southside, along Carson Street, back across the river and back to Market Square (downtown).  Two of the bridges will be used for crossing back and forth, and the Armstrong Tunnel too.  It will be a kick I think to bike through the tunnel, and to cross the big Birmingham Bridge.  Since we are on the Southside, we can literally leave the house, bike a couple blocks, and join in.

There are two more OpenStreetsPGH events planned for this summer, one in June and one in July.  In June the route goes from downtown to the Northside, and looks like it crosses the West End Bridge for a little bit down there and back.  July’s route goes from downtown to Lawrenceville, pretty much a straight ride through the Strip District, and back.

So far the weather looks good; we are all looking forward to going soon!