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OpenStreetsPgh 2017_May was awesome!  All three of us went out right after 9am and rode our bikes along the whole route: over 10th St Bridge, through the Armstrong Tunnels, to Market Square downtown, then back past the tunnels into Uptown, across the Birmingham Bridge into Southside.  There were  tons of volunteers helping at the crossings where cars were allowed to go through, and so many activities all along the route; everybody seemed to be having a blast.

There were stages with bands, Zumba classes, yoga classes, spinning classes, a little BMX course set up by the Wheel Mill that Evan didn’t want to leave, a dunking tank raising money for muscular dystrophy, massages, and all kinds of give-aways, freebies and tastings from local vendors.  We saw a puppet show near Duquesne University, aerialists on Birmingham bridge, unicyclists on East Carson Street, and maybe the most fun thing — unsponsored, a guy standing on the center yellow line on the 10th St bridge playing the ukulele while a friend filmed all the bikes streaming past.

Dennis had some place else to go midmorning, so Evan and I put our bikes away and then walked back to Carson St to hang out until it was all over at 1pm.  It was great to see our neighbors and Southside business friends out together, enjoying the day and each other’s company, and welcoming the visitors who joined in from all over the city.  Next month we will be the visitors when the route goes from Downtown to the Northside to the West End.  Can’t wait.