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Last day of Kindergarten, first day of summer vacation

Last day of Kindergarten was awesome!  Not only did they have a graduation ceremony with certificates and handshakes, but the kids put on a show first.

Fifteen different parts with ten Kindergarteners; I don’t know how the teacher did it all.  Singing, dancing, reciting poems, demonstrating their Spanish and Sign language skills…all the different parts were to highlight things they did during the year: reading, mathematics, social studies, language arts, science, health, etc.  Every child had an individual part or lead at some point, and there were also group numbers, a boys’ number and a girls’ number.  They were on stage, using a microphone, and everyone did a great job and everybody had so much fun.

Now it is the first day of summer vacation.  We are going to go out boating on the river, to make sure the boat works.  Sort of like a sink or swim test, but I don’t know how else you check out a boat.  I’m sure everything will be fine, and it’ll be the first day of many full of fun.