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Crochet finishing

I made some good progress with my second Blanket of Peace that I am making to contribute to Knitting4Peace.  It will end up being the size they recommend for a twin size bed, but recently it has been in pieces, waiting to be assembled.

I like crocheting blocks, squares, and circles, but then they need to be assembled which I am not so crazy about.  I also like doing the motifs in multiple colors, but then I end up with all the beginning and ending yarn tails that need to be woven in.  Also not one of my favorite things.  This blanket will be 10 rows of 6 blocks across.  Each block is made of 3 colors, and the outside color for each one is black.  There is a black strip added between each row and column to make the blanket both wider and longer than it would be with just the blocks assembled alone.  Lastly, there will be a black border added to get to the final dimensions and finish everything off.

I already had black edges added to the blocks that need them to create the strips between columns.  I’ve been joining 6 blocks together to make the rows with a line of single crochet; as of yesterday I had 3 rows left to join.  Since I am joining black edges with black yarn, it is super hard to see anything.  In practically any light, all the details are almost invisible.  But for some reason yesterday, I had the right combination of light and cheater reading glasses so I could just about see what I was doing.  I got my last three rows assembled, and then added the extra black strip to the edge of each row (except the bottom row).  What I have left is to weave in all the ends of all the squares, assemble the rows with single crochet to make one solid piece, and then crochet a border around the whole thing.  I am using acrylic so the blanket will be long lasting and easily washable, so not much blocking will be needed, just hand smoothing and pressing flat should do it.

I love making progress, especially on the parts I find difficult!