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Fur puffs

I am a great gatherer.  For this statement I am referring specifically to yarn, knitting, crocheting, and a bit to quilting.  I am so good at buying yarn and supplies.  Yarn is awesome.  It is beautiful, and has so much potential.  I mean, it is really beautiful.  For a non-yarn junkie this won’t make sense, but just substitute what ever excites you most, and that is me with yarn.  After yarn comes the accessories, like beads that could be knit onto the yarn, and then shawl pins or buttons that might be needed depending on what gets made.   Then all the things you need to work with the yarn: needles, hooks, stitch markers, blocking mats, blocking pins, even gentle soap for washing — all of this makes me happy.

Any time I am anywhere near these things, I will stop to look at them, touch them, think about how they might fit into my life.  Yarn stops me dead on the street.

Sometimes I see things that I don’t buy.  I mean, I don’t really need any of it, so I try to be reasonable.  But there’s something I saw in Quebec that I regret leaving there.  It was a dear little shawl pin, and I thought it was too expensive.  It was a pretty simple silver stick, the part you would weave into the knitted piece to hold it closed as in a shawl around your neck, topped with a little recycled fur puff.  They get the fur from old coats and other items and use bits in accessories.  I saw fur trimmed hats, gloves, scarves, keychains, boot-toppers, cell phone covers, etc. all over Quebec.  It is a super cute idea, and a good re-use of materials, and I really like the idea of that shawl pin.  I miss that shawl pin.  I hope someday to see that shawl pin again.