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Quilting Lesson Learned

Do not mark the whole quilt top if you can’t sew those lines in a timely manner.

All the quilters out there are nodding and smiling ruefully at me, the newbie quilter, who just figured this out the hard way.

Yesterday Dennis had a project at the North Hills house and he took Evan with him.  I thought this was a great opportunity to do some machine quilting so I got my machine set up and grabbed my Lone Star quilt to go back to sewing the radiating parallel lines that extend from the central star through the star border.  When I last worked on the quilt, I had sewn some of the lines, but they were all marked and ready to go.  I use blue ink pens from Japan that I got through Amazon, and they are awesome.  They mark a nice thin line quickly and easily, and the blue color is visible on every fabric I’ve used them on so far.  The lines don’t smudge or rub off, so I can fold up the quilt between sewing sessions without worry.  When you are ready, the lines completely erase with cold water.  Sometimes a little comes back as the quilt dries so I’ve had to rinse twice to make sure it is all out, but that is not a big deal.

What I learned yesterday is that not only do the lines erase with water but also over time.  I can’t remember exactly when I marked this quilt, but it’s been put aside definitely since the end of May, so at least a month ago.  When I pulled it out and unfolded it, there were no lines left except for a little section, probably from the inner most folds, maybe?  I don’t know if it is just time that does it, or humidity in the air, or what, but now I know the lines don’t last.  Good to know.