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Can’t wait for Chautauqua

I am so looking forward to going to Chautauqua for vacation again this year.  This will be the third year in a row that we have gone.  It is not that far for us, we can drive in just about 3 hours or less.  It is self contained, and if you pack right you never… (read more)

Changes at Knitting4Peace

Every month puts out an e-newsletter.  They write about what’s going on in the organization, highlight some delivery stories, and list some of the things they need most urgently for contribution.  You can link to these from the website, or sign up to get them emailed directly to your inbox. Knitting4Peace has been running… (read more)

Buddha’s girlfriends

So the original pattern that I’ve been using to make Peace Pals is the one that came with the kit I bought on vacation in Chautauqua last year.  I like it because it also has amounts for the yarn you need for each section, so if you’re using scraps you can judge if  you have… (read more)

Friends of Buddha

This year when we go to Chautauqua, I plan to bring all the Peace Pals that I have finished to give to the Knitting4Peace folks.  There are stories of women who make these all year long, and have hundreds to contribute.  I won’t have that many, but I’ll have some.  I’ll probably bring my Peace… (read more)

Friends of Pippin

After I got back from Chautauqua in 2016, I went and got some acrylic yarn to use to make more Peace Pals.  I wanted yarn that would be durable, and washable, so I went with acrylic or acrylic blends.  I got a nice brown for faces, black for hair, and various bright colors for shoes,… (read more)


I made my first Peace Pal while on vacation at Chautauqua in 2016.  I went to one of the Knitting4Peace meetings to see what was new.  I bought another sweatshirt with their logo on it because I wore the one I bought the year before all the time.  I also bought a kit that they had… (read more)

Peace Pals

Back in 2006, when Knitting4Peace first started, they started by making and distributing one thing — peace shawls for women in areas of conflict.  The following year, for a trip to Sudan, they made some little boy and girl dolls called Peace Pals.  These little dolls have been a continuously requested item ever since.  They… (read more)

Quilted sleeping mats — Knitting4Peace

I met Susan McKee, the founder of, the summer of 2015 while on vacation at the Chautauqua Institution.  I attended one of her weekly lectures, and learned all about the group, how they started, and what they do.  Simply, she solicits donated knitted, crocheted, and quilted items that then get distributed to targeted recipients… (read more)

I hope I can post this; I’ve copied it directly from, and it is the background of the beginning of the Knitting4Peace group I contribute to.  I think Susan says it best, in her own words: “A Brief History (By founder, Susan McKee) In July 2004, I was deeply moved by messages I heard at… (read more)

Background — Chautauqua Institution

So I’ve been working on a lot of something that’s making me think about a summer place we’ve gone the past few years, the Chautauqua Institution. I had not heard of this until Dennis brought it up a couple of years ago as a vacation possibility, and now I am hooked.  The Chautauqua Institution is… (read more)