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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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So many projects…

There are two main projects that I should be working on.  They are both started, and so I should stay with them, and finish them.  One is the Indigo top; I want to finish this one because it is the right weather to wear it now, I think it will be pretty, and I am excited to see it finished.  But I am not working on that one.  The second project is the Peace Pal dolls I have started for Knitting4Peace.  This is an on-going project as I will be knitting more and more and more dolls, but I have at least 10 started that need to be finished.  I want to finish these because I can take them to Chautauqua this summer on vacation and turn them in to Susan, so they can be delivered to children in need of comfort somewhere in the world.  I am sometimes working on that one.

Unfortunately, I have giving in to my  never ending desire to start a new project, and started knitting Agnes Kutas-Keresztes’ Oasis Hideaway shawl (see it on Ravelry).  I am using yarn and beads from my stash, though, so it is only partially a new project.  I bought the yarn and beads at last year’s Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival; a project has been lurking, semi-formed, in my brain for over a year now.