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So busy summer!

Summer is going not at all as I expected.  First of all, I had thought I was going to have trouble keeping Evan entertained all summer.  Since school was out, he wouldn’t have somewhere to go every day.  Since dance class ended with the recital in early June, he wouldn’t have that commitment each week.  Since junior baseball ended in early June, too, that was one less thing to do.  I also only signed him up for one week of a summer camp, which was only going to be a few hours in the afternoon any way…I expected to have so much time to fill, that summer was going to seem long.

But here it is, mid-July almost, and summer is just flying by.  Evan has swimming once a week, and guitar lesson once a week.  Our first vacation has come and gone, as has the summer camp week at Phipps Conservatory.  We have a second trip planned, and would like to go to Erie and Presque Isle for a few days.  I thought I’d be going to visit my sister and parents a lot, and now I’m not sure when I can fit it in.  I bought some books that I thought I could work through with Evan, getting ready for 1st grade, sight words, etc. and we’ve barely started.  He’s developed a deeper fascination for Lego construction and an affinity for playing independently that he didn’t have last year.  He still wants to go to the playgrounds a lot, but it’s not every second of the day.

So my take away lessons, that I should have realized long ago:  1) don’t stress about things ahead of time because what you think will happen probably won’t  2) the way things worked in the past might not work the same way now  3) kids grow up and need you in a different way than they used to  4) plan less, improvise more, and just go with the flow.