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Zoo visit


Yesterday we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.  In Pittsburgh, this is a package deal as the aquarium is an exhibit inside the zoo and you can’t do them separately.  I haven’t been to the Pittsburgh Zoo for a few years, and I was glad to see some things have been changed around.  There are some new (to me) exhibits including The Islands and Jungle Odyssey.  On this visit we got to see the new baby elephant, and two male lions woke up from their naps and started roaring at each other.  Maybe it wasn’t a full-on lion roar, might have been more of a lion chat, but it was still impressive.  And this time Evan was big enough to fully enjoy Kids Kingdom, with it’s climbing net leading to several metal tube slides, and the naked mole rat tube maze.


This summer there is an extra exhibit in the area where the train used to be: Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Until September there are 18 life sized dinosaur exhibits on display in natural foliage that you can walk among and around.  But these dinosaurs don’t just stand there gazing off into space, oh no.  They move their heads, flick their tails, stamp their feet, claw at the air.  They growl, hiss, purr, and even spit.  And their eyes follow you everywhere.  It is awesomely fascinating and creepy at the same time.  I highly recommend it, and will probably go back before they leave in the fall.