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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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Today I gave myself a home mani-pedi.  Is this blog-worthy?  I’m not sure, but it doesn’t happen very often, and it always makes me really happy when I do it, so maybe I should make more of an effort.

I didn’t even do any color or polish, just trimming, shaping, exfoliating, massaging.  So nice.  My toes are just so happy and comfortable with all the rough edges rubbed away.  And my hands, well my cuticles are ecstatic.

The other thing about my hands is that when they get rough, they snag my yarn.  This is not good.  And when my fingernails are too long, they scrape my palms as I knit, and yes I am a Princess with the darn pea here, but it gets really irritating.  One other thing I’ve noticed about my fingers.  I have thickened skin on my fingertips of my index and middle fingers of both hands.  It’s not quite a full-on callous, but definitely thick.  It’s from pushing the tips of my needles around, crochet hook tips, needles while sewing, etc.  Every now and then a layer peels off and has to regrow.  I like it when it’s there, but it has to be smooth, so that’s a delicate balance.  Thank goodness for my amope; I know that’s for feet, but it’s perfect for knitter’s fingers, too.