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Buddha’s girlfriends


So the original pattern that I’ve been using to make Peace Pals is the one that came with the kit I bought on vacation in Chautauqua last year.  I like it because it also has amounts for the yarn you need for each section, so if you’re using scraps you can judge if  you have enough.  The parts of the doll, from bottom up, are shoes, pants, belt, top, face, and hair.  I’ve modified slightly to do 2 knit rows for the belt, changing colors on the right side.  This means I do 10 stockinette stitch rows for the pants.  After you add eyes and a mouth for the face, you sew up the doll along the back, adding some shaping for the neck, and then you stuff the doll with fiberfill and sew along the bottom of the shoe section.  The very last thing is to use matching yarn to sew a seam up the center of the pants section to make legs, and sew seams on the side of the body to make arms.  It ends up looking like the doll has its hand in its pockets.  One modification listed is to leave out the leg seam, to make it look like a girl in a skirt.

Just recently, for some reason, I looked at the website ( and found there are more patterns for different versions of the Peace Pal, including an actual skirted girl doll.  So now I have started making some girlfriends.  They take a little more effort; the skirt is a whole extra piece, and underneath there is a little shorts section so there are more color changes.  I also added fringy yarn for hair, which is super cute but harder to execute.  Oh well, girls are worth it, right?