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Changes at Knitting4Peace

Every month puts out an e-newsletter.  They write about what’s going on in the organization, highlight some delivery stories, and list some of the things they need most urgently for contribution.  You can link to these from the website, or sign up to get them emailed directly to your inbox.

Knitting4Peace has been running for 11 years now.  According to the June newsletter, since its beginning, Knitting4Peace has served more than 112,000 people in the US and 70 countries around the world.  They receive between 1,000 and 2,500 donated items every month, as well as monetary contributions.  It was conceived of and founded, and has been run continuously, by Susan McKee, her family, and a group of volunteers.  There are just a couple of paid employees; everyone else including Susan works voluntarily.  There’s a Board of Directors, and Susan has been the Executive Director, but the June newsletter announced that she has given her official resignation to the Board, effective August 2018.  They have just over a year to replace her with a paid, part-time Executive Director.  They are working to raise the funds to pay for this new position.  This has to happen so the good work of Knitting4Peace can continue.  Susan will continue to be on the Board, and will run the summer programs at Chautauqua, but the new Director will be responsible for expanding current Knitting4Peace programs, developing new programs, and fundraising.

This sounds like a really big (scary) change, but the newsletter presents it as just one step, like growing up.  Everything changes, grows, and evolves, and these are all good things.  This is just the next step toward a bright future, I am sure.  I believe in what they do, and will continue my support.  With enough other individuals chipping in together, Knitting4Peace will continue to grow and serve those in need around the world.