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As I knit the poncho…

Two things have come to me.  While the gray shape that I made is a hexagon, the Baltic Finger Labyrinth piece is an octagon!  Why I couldn’t count up to 8 is a mystery to me, but it is all good, it will all end up in the poncho. The other thing — when knitting a… (read more)

Modular Knit Poncho

Yesterday I showed the hexagon that will be part of my labyrinth modular knit poncho.  The other modules that I plan to knit are small and big squares, rectangles, and L shapes, so the first thing I need to do is fill in some bits around my hexagon until it is square.  Then I can… (read more)

Modular Knitting

This is the second book that I have about modular knitting — Knits From a Painter’s Palette.  It is written with a particular yarn in mind, Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM).  This is possibly the most beautiful yarn in the whole world if you like color and color variation within skeins. The picture inside… (read more)

Modular Knit Labyrinth Poncho

I am just starting the bulk of the knitting for my labyrinth inspired poncho.  I have the knitted Baltic finger labyrinth, and that piece will be incorporated somewhere, I just don’t know exactly where yet.  But my basic plan for the poncho is simply a large rectangular front and back piece, possibly with a turtleneck… (read more)

Labyrinth Poncho — a bunch of rocks?

  Some of the time when I was walking the labyrinth, I thought about knitting it.  Not all the time, I don’t want to be obsessive, but some of the time.  I had already decided on a poncho shape, but didn’t have a pattern/specific idea. I really loved the rocks that made the border of… (read more)

Labyrinth Poncho

As I walked the labyrinth, a grassy path bordered by stones winding in and out and around a tree, some of the time I thought about knitting.  How could I capture the feeling of the labyrinth that resonated with me so much, to keep it with me in a way. As I walked, the idea… (read more)

Eyelets — Fill!

With both borders filled in, I really like it.  Especially, thinking ahead to the poncho, I think the gray color will be really important.  It is also stronger visually and won’t get lost, like the eyelets might have.  The other thing I like is that the gray draws my eye in a spiral, which minimizes the… (read more)

Eyelets — To Fill or Not To Fill

The hexagonal labyrinth piece, knit in variegated green, is done.  It will be incorporated somewhere in a modular knit poncho that has been inspired by my walking an actual labyrinth in Chautauqua, NY.  The path of the knitted labyrinth is solid garter stitch, the path borders are eyelets.  I saw this same pattern completed with a… (read more)

Labyrinth part of labyrinth poncho

  The labyrinth part of the labyrinth poncho is done.  Maybe.  At least the knitting of the labyrinth is done, and it is being blocked. In Ravelry I looked at some of the projects that have been done with this pattern, and I saw one that had thick yarn crocheted through the eyelets to further define… (read more)

Labyrinth, poncho?

I have a lot of projects started.  I have the blue Indigo summer sweater, half the back, neck and sleeves to finish.  I have the Oasis Hideaway shawl that might look like a sunset; I haven’t even blogged about that one yet.  I have the Lone Star quilt, backing, outer border quilting and binding to… (read more)