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Gauge swatch, wash and block!

The front piece of the labyrinth poncho has been blocked, and it came out really nice.  The fabric is smoother and more cohesive, but still has texture for a casual feel.  The modules blocked out larger than I thought.  As I was knitting they were measuring 2.5″ on a small side and 5″ on a… (read more)

Nerves and Neck Details

When I was in school, I used to suffer first day nerves, for something like a week.  At least a week.  I didn’t sleep well or eat much, my stomach was all fluttery, I imagined ‘what if (x) happens’ scenarios  by the hundreds.  Well, Evan doesn’t seem to have any of that, but I have… (read more)

Whole lot of knitting going on…

Sometimes my knitting flows really well, I get a lot done, don’t make any mistakes, and generally zone out into some calm peaceful knitting place.  Then there are times like last night and this morning. Last night I mis-attached an L shape three times.  I decided to just leave it alone, mis-attached again, until this morning. … (read more)

I need to write a schedule

There has not been much knitting going on in my house lately.  All of a sudden it is the end of summer!  School starts on Monday, and we are all getting ready.  I am doing laundry and school lunch food shopping.  Evan is wanting to go back everywhere, one last time: swimming, the zoo, playgrounds,… (read more)

Labyrinth Modules

I have some of each module that I am making for my poncho added around the original hexagon.  I think this will be the front of the poncho, but I also think I will be making both pieces the same size (no neck shaping) so it will end up being reversible.  The other side will start… (read more)

As I knit the poncho…

Two things have come to me.  While the gray shape that I made is a hexagon, the Baltic Finger Labyrinth piece is an octagon!  Why I couldn’t count up to 8 is a mystery to me, but it is all good, it will all end up in the poncho. The other thing — when knitting a… (read more)

Modular Knit Poncho

Yesterday I showed the hexagon that will be part of my labyrinth modular knit poncho.  The other modules that I plan to knit are small and big squares, rectangles, and L shapes, so the first thing I need to do is fill in some bits around my hexagon until it is square.  Then I can… (read more)

Modular Knitting

This is the second book that I have about modular knitting — Knits From a Painter’s Palette.  It is written with a particular yarn in mind, Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM).  This is possibly the most beautiful yarn in the whole world if you like color and color variation within skeins. The picture inside… (read more)

Modular Knit Labyrinth Poncho

I am just starting the bulk of the knitting for my labyrinth inspired poncho.  I have the knitted Baltic finger labyrinth, and that piece will be incorporated somewhere, I just don’t know exactly where yet.  But my basic plan for the poncho is simply a large rectangular front and back piece, possibly with a turtleneck… (read more)