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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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Not exactly quilting

I have so many ideas of things to make rattling around in my mind, taking up space.  I wish I would realize some of them, get them out into reality.  Not only do they take up space in my brain, they take up space in my closets, because I have the raw materials stashed for a lot of them.

One of the oldest projects half conceived and living in my house is a faux chenille jacket.  I saw this at a sewing convention in Pittsburgh so many years ago we don’t even host that convention anymore.  I thought it was so neat that I bought a pattern and a pair of electric scissors from the designer.  The premise is that you take multiple pieces of fabric and layer them all up in a stack.  Then cut the pieces you need for the jacket from the stack, keeping all the layers together.  Then you sew all over the pieces, through all the layers, in fairly close parallel lines in different patterns, a lot like echo quilting.  Next you cut through all the layers, between the stitched lines, EXCEPT for the back layer.  That stays intact and holds the whole thing together.  Sew up the seams to form the jacket, and probably bind the edges, I can’t remember for sure.  Then, when you wash and agitate the jacket, the exposed edges of all the layers fray and fluff up to create what looks like chenille rows.  I think you’re supposed to use rayon, but you have to make sure it will fray nicely.  Not all fabrics will work.  Muslin also is supposed to work, but if you use rayons with different patterns on them, the frayed-up end result is a kind of impressionistic smooshing together of the different patterns, and is really pretty.

In addition to the pattern and scissors, I bought a bunch of fabric to make my jacket.  But I haven’t made it yet.  I haven’t tested the fabrics to see if they’ll fray.  I haven’t layered up the patterns in different orders to see what looks best.  And now I don’t like the purplish palette I chose.  I keep thinking about this periodically, and want to get back to it.  I’d much rather have a nice jacket instead of all this stuff in a pile.  Maybe this will be the year.  Maybe.