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Another project up in my brain

Another thing I think I want to do is make some quilted pot holders.  I think this every time I see my ratty old pot holders that are all stained and scorched.  I thought of this last year when I found out that Evan’s school has a craft sale in the church basement right around Christmas time.  If I had known ahead of time, I thought, I could have made a bunch of pot holders, table mats, trivets, mug mats, etc. and had a table for the sale.  The school gets the money for the table rental, and I would get the money from anything I sold.  Sounds great.

Well, now I know ahead of time.  I should be making these things now if I want enough to sell in December.  I bought some fabric and some of the special batting to make it heat resistant last year when I was all fired up for this idea.  I thought it would be a great way to practice different quilt squares; the small items are just one square each.  And I could practice my machine quilting.  And maybe I could sell something.  At the very least the school would get $20.  Is this the year? Is it?

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