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Labyrinth — Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area


I have walked a labyrinth  here in Pittsburgh that I found on-line using  It is just off the bike trail by the old Pump House in Homestead.  I must have gone right by it a bunch of times, but never noticed it until I was looking for it.


It is very flat and the grass is long right now, maybe always, I don’t know.  It is medieval, based on the Chartres labyrinth.  It has 11 circuits, and is 68 feet wide, according to Labyrinth Locator.  There are white stone pavers outlining the path, and a big star in the center.  The outside ring is edged in triangles, three different sizes made from three different stones.  The size/stone variation represents the three rivers around Pittsburgh, and each stone is engraved with the name of a steel mill, foundry or blast furnace on each river.  The site of the labyrinth is where the battle of Homestead, between striking workers and Pinkertons, occurred during the Homestead Steel Strike in 1892.  Not a very peaceful beginning, but it is peaceful now.

Because it is overgrown, the path is not always clear.  The turns sometimes seem to come out of nowhere.  Once, I got distracted and thought I had lost my way.  Did I miss a turn?  Was I on the same circuit I was on a second ago?  Should I turn around and check?  Or just keep going and hope for the best?  What if I’m wrong; where will I end up?  I can’t stay in one spot, but am I going forwards or backwards?  Have I missed a big part of the maze?  Does it matter?  The story of my (anyone’s) life, right at my feet.