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Finger Labyrinth

I have found that walking a labyrinth is very peaceful for me.  A good addition to my meditative practice, which is usually not as robust as I would like it to be.  But I refuse to stress about my lack of meditation; that seems like two steps in the wrong direction.  I’m glad there are some public labyrinths close by that I can use.  I can even bike to one in Homestead, when I am ambitious.

I would love to have one in my backyard, but my backyard is too small.  I could make the whole space a labyrinth, and it still wouldn’t take much time to walk it.  So to have one near me, I bought a finger labyrinth.

Mine is a 12.5 inch bamboo disc that I can hold on my lap or put on a table.  One side has a 7 circuit labyrinth and the other an 11 circuit.  Both are Chartres based, or medieval.  The grooves are too small for my finger to actually fit down inside them, but I can follow the channels with my fingertip without getting lost, even with my eyes closed.  You can also trace the path with a stylus or small stick, and there are smaller finger labyrinths which would have to be done this way, but I prefer the tactile feel of using my fingertip.  It is peaceful, and easy, being readily at hand.  Even just looking at it makes me happy.

There are many different kinds of finger labyrinths available.  Just on Amazon, I found  sizes ranging from 4 inches to over 18.  Most are Chartres based or the older classical or Cretan style.  I found bamboo, maple, plastic, pewter, ceramic, and even larger canvas versions.  I also found a knitted version on Ravelry…..hmmm.