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Labyrinth, poncho?

I have a lot of projects started.  I have the blue Indigo summer sweater, half the back, neck and sleeves to finish.  I have the Oasis Hideaway shawl that might look like a sunset; I haven’t even blogged about that one yet.  I have the Lone Star quilt, backing, outer border quilting and binding to do.  I have more Peace Pals waiting.  I have an Irish crochet capelet started; that one I want to talk about a lot.  I have things started that I periodically forget about, and then think oh yeah, whatever happened to that silver crocheted skirt? (Just one example of UFOs lurking in my stash)  But as soon as a new idea grabs me, I have to jump in and start.  I try to hold off, but I really just can’t not start something new.

As I was walking the labyrinth at Chautauqua I kept thinking about how I could interpret it in a knitting project.  Most of times that I walked, a new idea came to me.  I kept notes of all my ideas, and now I am burning to start, to try something.  I keep coming back to some sort of poncho, not a shawl, not a sweater.  My inspiration is the grassy path, rock borders, trees, wind chimes, blue jay feather, and yellow and purple flowers from the actual labyrinth.  I have bits and pieces that might end up in the project, yarn, sticks, a stone, some charms.  I kept thinking of a modular knit piece; each connected module would roughly represent a rock, and I could join them in a spiral, maybe?  While the real labyrinth is a path of green grass, the grays, browns, corals, and whites of the rocks appealed to me more.  I didn’t think I would use green at all.

Then I stumbled across Beth Dubeck’s Baltic Finger Labyrinth pattern (  This is a knitted pattern of a spiral labyrinth, available on Ravelry, for free.  Seriously!  I hadn’t thought I would be so literal, but as a section of the finished project, this couldn’t be more perfect.  But what yarn to use?  The pattern looks like the path of the labyrinth knitted in garter stitch with the stone borders represented by eyelets.  The pattern was written for sock yarn.  I went to my stash.  Right. There.  A ball of Crystal Palace Yarns Sausalito (a sock yarn) in muted, variegated greens, ranging from bluish moss through tender spring green, to yellowish-brown burnt summer to dark shade and back.  Why do I even have this yarn?  I don’t remember getting it.  I don’t know if it was planned for something, or if I’ve used some of it somewhere.  I just don’t remember.  But it is perfect, perfect for this.

Of course, I have started.