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Labyrinth Modules


I have some of each module that I am making for my poncho added around the original hexagon.  I think this will be the front of the poncho, but I also think I will be making both pieces the same size (no neck shaping) so it will end up being reversible.  The other side will start with the big octagonal finger labyrinth piece.  I’m not sure yet if I will center that motif, or have it off center like this side will end up being (the modules will continue building to the left).

I am making four different modules:

  • small squares — decrease along one pivot point
  • rectangles — decrease along two pivot points
  • L shapes — decrease along three pivot points
  • large squares — decrease along three pivot points and leading row edges; seam edges together

The shapes all fit together, but you have to plan a little bit before hand so they are pointing and attaching the way you want.  So far this is a totally obsessive project; I can’t wait to see how the next module looks!