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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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Modules and Mandalas

The modules are finished!  The modules are finished!

I finished the back piece of the labyrinth poncho, but haven’t blocked it out yet.  The Baltic Finger Labyrinth is incorporated into the center of the back; it is slightly smaller than the modular pieces around it, but I think with blocking it will be OK — I am always an optimistic knitter.   After blocking, I need to stitch the shoulders together, crochet an edging all around, knit a cowl/turtleneck, and knit armhole cuffs.  The last two I would like to be gray, but I don’t have enough gray left.  I am debating using something else, or getting another gray yarn to use.  I want to do the edging in the taupe wool; I have plenty of that, but I want a contrast for the ribbing.  But I am still thinking that over.

In the meantime, I started crocheting a mandala doily.  Of course, I need another WIP (work in progress).