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Done and done

The Labyrinth Poncho is well and truly finished.  I changed the rock thread cage to a more rock colored yarn, and I like it much better.  I also turned the rock over; it has a flat side and a more rounded side, convex, I guess, and I turned the rounded side to face out.  I had used this yarn in the poncho itself, but always carried along with another yarn, so it fits in well but is more distinct here on the rock.

I added a chime detail to the front of the poncho, near the pocket.  It doesn’t make much noise, but it looks like the wind chimes hanging in the trees above the labyrinth in Chautauqua.  It is a chime made to hang from the rearview mirror in the car so it is a good size for a sweater embellishment.  It came on a ball-chain, so I just looped that through the knitted fabric and fastened the clip thing in the back — very easily removable if I decide I don’t like it, want to move it somewhere else, or for washing.

The other embellishments, the sticks, feather charm, and rock are not easily removable.  I do plan to hand wash this garment when necessary, and since it is outerwear, I hope it’s not necessary very often.  I figure the sticks and rock can get wet, they used to live outside after all, where it rains and snows and everything.  The feather is sterling silver, and I wash my hands wearing silver rings so it should be OK.  This is the first time I’ve permanently attached things to a knitted garment, but these things all remind me of the original place and the feelings I had there, and they make me happy so they have to stay.  This is a good experiment for this kind of detail, it will help me decide if I should do it again.

But really, it needs to cool off (just a little) so I can wear it!