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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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It feels like fall.

The temperatures have dropped almost 30 degrees F from the beginning of the week.  It feels like fall, in the most perfect way…clear blue skies, low humidity, lots of sun, refreshingly cool in the morning (not quite in the 50s), mid to high 60s predicted for the afternoon…perfect.

And even more perfect, I have a new quilt!

The scrappy Lone Star queen sized quilt is done!  I am happy with this.  The neutral colors are nice and soft, the star colors are gently random, the background, border, and binding colors get progressively darker, but not by much.  It took a day to hand sew the binding, but it was simple, meditative work.  As usual, I used cotton flannel for backing fabric; I love how it feels and it kind of grabs onto the sheet or blanket underneath so the quilt stays on the bed better.  I’ve only made one quilt with plain cotton backing, and it slides all over the place, so I won’t do that again.  There are so many nice flannels to choose from anyway, and 108″ wide, too, so no piecing.; that’s definitely the way to go for me.

The quilting was all machine done.  I have not tried hand quilting yet, maybe someday on a much smaller project.  I put circular patterns in the corners of the star, then radiating lines from those circles out through the first border that match the lines of diamonds in the big star.  The outer border has the feather and column pattern, but it’s kind of hard to see from the front.  Like any quilt stitching, it shows up better in some lights than in others.  I am still learning how to catch it in photographs.  I took a picture from the backing fabric side; it is a little easier to see that way.

Now I have two queen size quilts.  I can switch for the seasons, or when I change sheets.  One will always be dry, if I have washed the other one.  I need a nice quilt box to store one in, but I have room under the bed, so I am well pleased.

What’s next?