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Pot holder quilting

When I thought about making little-quilt pot holders, I thought it be a great way to practice piecing and quilting.  Well, it is good practice for piecing, and it is really helping me think about fabric choices — color, intensity, pattern, and scale, and how things change dramatically when you use different fabrics in different parts… (read more)

Quilts viewed close up

When I am working with 8 inch quilt blocks that need to stand on their own as pot holders I am learning the importance of picking the right fabrics and color combinations.  Sometimes, when a quilt block is destined to be included in a whole quilt, the individual block might not look so great.  But it… (read more)

How many different 8 inch squares can I make?

Making pot holders is like making little mini-quilts, one at a time.  It is fun, and they are so cute.  Basically, each one is a single quilt block.  When you are making a quilt, you need to make a bunch of quilt blocks, and then put them together in a pleasing pattern which often creates another… (read more)

Pot holder palette

I had an idea for pot holders that I thought was a good one.  The ones I have at home, I bought to match my kitchen, so they are blue and white and silvery gray.  At least they were.  Now they are scorched and have tomato sauce on them.  So I thought, what if I had… (read more)

Pot holders, beginning

It is both easier and harder to make quilted pot holders than I thought it would be. I am not the best quilter; it is a craft that I started only a year or so ago, although I have been sewing since I was little.  But quilting is a different kind of sewing.  First of… (read more)

New project

Well, I’ve been doing an awful lot of thread crochet lately, so I think I will take a break and switch to something else.  Of course, there’s always a lot of stuff and ideas rattling around in my head to pick from, so no worries about coming up with something. I think I will do some quilting, but… (read more)

Mandala mantelpiece…masterpiece!

Well, I couldn’t find any leftover living room paint, so the mantle space has not been touched up.  That’s not to say we don’t have any, and if it turns up I would still like to fill in a few spots, but time’s a-wasting, and I wanted to finish…  so the doilies are up! Mandala… (read more)

The Littles

I believe I am done with thread crochet, at least for the mandala mantle project.  I have made some small ones, partial doilies, for fill-in around the larger motifs.  I’m not sure yet how many of them I will use.  The overall design in the mantle is a little complicated, and there is something to be said for… (read more)

Two become one

So I made an interesting discovery as I was finishing Elise (another free pattern from  I started with my leftover ecru thread, hoping I would have enough.  It looked like maybe enough, but I didn’t measure or anything.  Anyway, I got through most of it, but ran out with two rounds to go!  So… (read more)


I had a lot of cream colored thread left over from making Poppy, so I decided to make another doily that was on the larger size.  Tilda is a free pattern available on Grace Fearon’s website (, or you can link over from Ravelry.  It is supposed to be 9 inches, and I am back… (read more)