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Mandala number three is Margot.  I had tried starting Margot before doing Wendy, and I got messed up, so I pulled it out.  Now I am back, to try again.  I hope I can figure it out because it is gorgeous, and one of the patterns I really really want to do.

(time passes)

I’ve worked Margot using a 1.25mm hook, and I used the thread I had used for the first Eleanor attempt, which is antique white.  I found a perfect ‘tensioner’ for my thread, although it’s not one I’ll use again routinely:  I frogged Eleanor directly into Margot.  So as I was crocheting Margot I was pulling out the stitches from Eleanor down on the floor.  It was just enough to put some, but not too much, resistance on the flow of thread through my fingers.  My Margot ended up being 10 inches, as stated in the pattern!  But I can’t see me crocheting all my thread into something just to pull it out when I make something else.  I still need a better solution.

I’m not sure what I did wrong the first time I tried this pattern, but the second time everything worked smoothly.  Maybe I was tired the first time, and misread something.  I think if you get something wrong in these patterns, most of the time, you will be really messed up.  Just do what Grace says to do and you will be fine.