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Smaller, quicker

I’ve made three Grace Fearon doilies from her Volume 1 Designs book, and one is just prettier than the next.  I love these, and this project.  I have a blank space inside a decorative mantle in my living room that is crying out for lacy mandala doilies, at least it is crying out to me.  I want to put a collage of doilies in there, different colors but all neutral, and sort of cascading down from little to big.  So far my doilies are 10, 12 and 14 inches.  I started wondering if any of Grace’s designs were smaller, and lo and behold, on her website ( she has some free patterns, and some of them are smaller!  I am so happy.  Even with my larger-than-Grace crochet gauge they should be smaller than what I’ve done so far.  I have thread left over from what I’ve already done, so bring on the littles!

The first one I tried was Siobhan, in white.  It came out to 7 inches of beauty, and a really fun thing is that I finished in one day.  Talk about (almost) instant gratification.  The range of sizes I have so far seem to work really well together.  I can almost see them on the wall, cascading down like drifting snowflakes.  I just need more.  More!