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More silver


I liked my silver thread so much that after Clementine I went right on to another smaller pattern, Mathilde, using the same color.  If you just look at the doily and ignore the size marker, it is so intricate that you might think it is a large one, but she came out at 6.5 inches, the smallest one yet!  I was a little afraid that smaller doilies would look too simple next to the larger ones.  That’s why I was so happy to find small patterns designed by Grace Fearon; I knew they would hold their own next to their big sisters.  I will probably repeat these small ones, Mathilde and Siobhan, but there is still Rhiannon, Elise, and Tilda to try.  I hope my mantle space is big enough for all of them.  For my husband’s sake, I plan to keep them all corralled to that one space; on my own I think I could ‘doily’ my whole house.


I'd love to hear your ideas on this!