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My latest larger doily is called Barbara, and she is kind of frothy looking.  This effect is created by about a million double and triple crochet popcorn stitches.  This creates a lot of bobble-like texture, and is really pretty, but was time consuming for me to do.  Maybe I have been doing too much thread crochet (is there such a thing?) — my hands and wrists are getting a little sore.  Plus my middle finger on my left hand has gone numb.  This is the finger that the tip of my hook bumps into on every stitch, and I think a callous has formed on that one edge toward the tip of my finger.  So by numb I mean that the finger works fine for everything else, but when my crochet hook bumps the end of that finger, I don’t feel it at all anymore.  That’s actually not good, it makes my stitching feel weird.  It will probably soften up and go away, but not until I stop crocheting for a while.  My index fingers get the same way when I knit.

As I was making this doily, it really seemed to take longer than it should.  Perhaps I was tired, or distracted, or who knows what.  I finally got to the second to last round, and it was quite a round.  At least a million triple crochet stitches to make popcorns that went together to make flowers.  Beautiful, but lots and lots of stitches.  As I started the very last round (yahoo!) I found a fatal error in the round before (oh no).  A fatal error for me is one I can’t fudge/fix in subsequent rounds, a mistake that obviously distorts the pattern.  And there it was, a missing flower petal and ch-5 space.  Right at the beginning of the round.  And I really needed that ch-5 space.  The whole round had to be pulled out and re-done.  But for some reason, the re-do went pretty quickly.  And the last round was really lovely, like little crowns all around.  Barbara is done, and I am super happy.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!