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Taking a break

Whew, after Barbara I did little Miss Rhiannon.  This doily came out to just 5 inches, picot to picot.  I actually did two of them in one day.  For the first one, I used the 1.25mm hook I’ve been using, and the doily looked a little tight and sort of curled up.  Blocking would probably fix it, but Evan wanted a little doily for himself, so I gave him this littlest version.

Then I re-did Rhiannon using a 1.5mm hook.  I like it much better.  It is a little looser, a little bigger, and much flatter.  In my mandala scatter collage inside the mantle, this doily will be at the top, and the 5 inch size fits in better with the other ones I’ve made so far.  (The first version was 4.5 inches, and just a little small).

There’s only one more thread color (cream) that I haven’t used yet.  That will make one more larger sized doily, then I will use all the thread I have left to make smaller ones, repeating some of the patterns, and then the final assembly.  I can hardly wait!