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The Littles

I believe I am done with thread crochet, at least for the mandala mantle project.  I have made some small ones, partial doilies, for fill-in around the larger motifs.  I’m not sure yet how many of them I will use.  The overall design in the mantle is a little complicated, and there is something to be said for the balance of some blank space (husband is right!).  I might not use these at all; I have the larger doilies pinned up right now, and I am liking it more and more as is.  But after the littles are blocked and stiffened, I will pin them up and see if I like it.  If they don’t go on the wall, I can use them as Christmas ornaments or something — I am sure, for something!

Some of these are Grace Fearon designs, or at least inspired by GF, and some are not.  One is from a crochet stitch book I have, two are practice pieces from an Irish crochet book I was trying out.  One is an actual Grace Fearon earring design ( Dandelion Sunrise, crochet earrings pattern #3), and a couple started out with the center of Ophelia (one modified to have back post instead of front post stitches) with the outside of something else (Emilyandthe Handmade Designs Vol 1).  They are all pretty little things.

Now I need to search the garage for leftover living room paint.  My mantle space needs a little touch up before final installation!