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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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New project

Well, I’ve been doing an awful lot of thread crochet lately, so I think I will take a break and switch to something else.  Of course, there’s always a lot of stuff and ideas rattling around in my head to pick from, so no worries about coming up with something.

I think I will do some quilting, but some small quilting.  I’m still recovering from my last queen-size, and I’ve been thinking about making some pot holders.  Pot-holders?  Potholders?  Google has examples of all three, so I will just pick one.  (I should have Googled “mantle” for the last series of posts about my thread crochet.  I ended up putting 14 thread crochet doilies inside a decorative fireplace mantel, which I consistently misspelled ‘mantle’.  I might make a mantle sometime, a cloak or covering, but that’s for later.)

Anyway, I think I will make some quilted pot holders.  Maybe for sale, maybe to practice different quilt blocks, maybe just because I could use some in the kitchen.  So I’m off, to find some quilt block patterns!