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Pot holders, beginning

It is both easier and harder to make quilted pot holders than I thought it would be.

I am not the best quilter; it is a craft that I started only a year or so ago, although I have been sewing since I was little.  But quilting is a different kind of sewing.  First of all is the piecing.  This is the ‘right’ side of the finished piece, the new fabric you create out of small pieces of different fabrics put together to make a pattern or picture.  Second is the quilting, or decorative sewing you put on top of the pieced fabric.  This can create another pattern or picture on top of the first one — one from fabric the other from thread.  And all this you have to imagine in your head and then execute correctly, because do-overs are not easy.

I am trying to make 8 inch pot holders.  The ones that I have in my kitchen, which really really need to be replaced, are 8 inches, and I bought a book with 101 patterns for 8 inch quilted pot holders, so I should be on the right track.  And if I end up selling them, a consistent size would look more professional.  But so far, I am having a hard time being consistent.  I tell myself a) it doesn’t matter that much and b) I am still practicing, but I am impatient for improvement.  I have not hit my stride yet, and am so far disappointed.  But I will finish what I have started, and keep going, trying to get to a happy place.  At the very least, I will have pot holders that I can use at home.  I’m hoping that I get to a place where I might sell at the holiday craft fair for Evan’s school, if they have it this year.  Or maybe, next year.