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Piecing pot holders

I wonder how long it takes me to make one quilted pot holder, start to finish.  I have no idea, because I usually work on multiples, doing a different part each day.  This works for me because I need to change things on my sewing machine depending on what I am doing.  I use one foot for piecing and a different one for quilting, I need a sturdier needle for quilting as well, and sometimes a different color of thread.  So today I did some piecing.


I started mixing in some of my new fabrics with my original fabrics.  Basically, no two pot holders are the same, but they all go together.


I love seeing how the same block looks different with different fabrics, and how the same fabric behaves differently in different blocks.


Some of the first fabrics I had are starting to run low.  I still have scraps and pieces of everything though, so I can put little bits in here and there for continuity.

Today I was in a good place.  Each block that I pieced together ended up being my new favorite block.  Tomorrow I might do some quilting.